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North Luangwa - big five safaris in Zambia

Tailo-made Safari Holidays in North Luangwa

Luxury Safari Holidays in Zambia
Luxury Safari Holidays in Zambia
Luxury Safari Holidays in Zambia
North Luangwa is particularly remote with very few roads. You can easily spend three days here without seeing another soul (apart from your safari guides of course). It is well suited to walking safaris and is noted for its large Buffalo herds as well as Lion, Zebra, Elephant and Leopard.

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It is wild and untouched and you are simply an unobtrusive witness to its natural beauty and drama. Like the South Park, it lies on the western bank of the Luangwa River, bordered on the other side by the dramatic Muchinga escarpment which rises over 1000 meters from the valley floor. 

Its hazy outline can clearly be seen from the Luangwa river. The park is noted for its massive herds of Buffalo, a spectacular sight if they’re seen on the run, kicking up dust for miles behind them. 

Large prides of Lion inhabit the territory and it is not uncommon to witness a kill. Other common mammals are Hyaena, Cookson’s Wildebeest, Bushbuck, Zebra, Warthog, Baboon, Vervet Monkey, Puku and Impala. 

Elephant and Leopard are also seen, but not as frequently as in the South Park. 

North Luangwa is usually visited in combination with South Luangwa and connects directly by light aircraft from the main airstrips there. 

Typical stay duration is 3 to 5 nights. North Luangwa is a wonderful option for outdoorsy guests who will really appreciate the genuine sense of remoteness and the intimacy of the bush experience.

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