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Great Zimbabwe Hotel

Great Zimbabwe Hotel, Zimbabwe
Great Zimbabwe Hotel, Zimbabwe
Great Zimbabwe Hotel, Zimbabwe
The Great Zimbabwe Hotel is only a short walk away from the Great Zimbabwe Ruins World Heritage Site. Featuring a swimming pool, tennis court and beach volleyball pitch, this hotel is a favourite with locals and guests.
The Great Zimbabwe Hotel

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The hotel
It is the all-pervasive sense of history, of being in a different time frame, most noticeable in the grounds of the monument but still felt in the luxury of the hotel, that strikes guests as unique. And the mystery surrounding the now-deserted site, its total quiet and stillness, adds to the feeling of being part of an old but long gone civilisation.

No visit to Zimbabwe would be complete without even a brief history lesson, but surely some hours of total immersion in the ancestry of modern-day Zimbabweans would be guaranteed to attract visitors. 

Equidistant from Beitbridge, on the border with South Africa and Zimbabwe’s capital city, Harare, is the town of Masvingo and a short drive from Masvingo is the Great Zimbabwe Monument, capital of the ancient realm of King Munhumutapa.

Fashioned, it is believed between 1250 and 1450 AD, from regular rectangular granite blocks skilfully placed one upon the other gives without the use of tools, gives you an idea of stone masonry few if any could emulate today. 

This World Heritage Site is a unique historical, cultural and archaeological landmark with many unusual artefacts including the Zimbabwe bird (a national emblem and the subject of its own myths and legends) to be found there.

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Great Zimbabwe Hotel, ZimbabweGreat Zimbabwe Hotel, Zimbabwe
Great Zimbabwe Hotel, ZimbabweGreat Zimbabwe Hotel, Zimbabwe
Great Zimbabwe Hotel, ZimbabweGreat Zimbabwe Hotel, Zimbabwe

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